NOTE - The registration deadline has been extended to August 17, 2019.

On Friday, October 11, in downtown Helsinki, the Japan-Finland 100 Years of Friendship Celebration will begin with an Offering of Tea for Peace by Daisosho sama. Then what is known as Wago no Chakai, in which dignitaries representing both Japan and Finland share bowls of tea, will be conducted. The highlight of the day is sure to be a lecture by Daisosho sama, followed by a presentation of Chanoyu. Before the events begin, a simple bowl of tea will be offered to all attendees. The Urasenke Finland Association is in charge of the teicha, but if help is needed, they may call upon UMAA members.

The next day, activities will move to World Heritage site Suomenlinna Island to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Kansai Japan-Finland Society. The tearoom in which the Urasenke Tankokai Finland Association practices Chanoyu was built on the island 15 years ago. In 2014 Genshitsu Daisosho bestowed upon the tearoom the name Tokuyuan, translated Abode of Virtue. On Saturday, October 12, the Finland Tankokai will host a series of chakai in this atmospheric tearoom surrounded by red brick.

Nearby on the island the Urasenke Midorikai Alumni Association [UMAA] has been asked to host another series of usucha chakai. What an honor, to have this opportunity to participate in these events! Daisosho sama is looking forward to greeting around 30 Midorikai alumni at this event. It is expected that 100-150 guests will be welcomed this day.

We are asking that all alumni who would like to participate on the host side in this chakai contact UMAA. Please email to

The format of the chakai in all likelihood will be ryurei temae. Immediate consideration of theme, dogu and toriawase is necessary. Both non-Japanese and Japanese utensils are welcome. If you have a utensil you would like to propose, please send a photo of it to the above email address. These photos will be sent on to the gyotei sensei in Kyoto for their advice and also to make sure we don't duplicate utensils in Tokuyuan.

Remember! There are only 3 months before the chakai, and we need to start planning. We welcome suggestions about a theme for the chakai, utensils, and for okashi. Urasenke Kokusaibu has said they will provide the tea, which the gyotei sensei will select.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration to attend the event is separate from responding to this request. More information about the event may be found at and the registration application form at