Glenn A. Sorei Pereira


Kuzu Shibori


water - 580cc (2.3c.)
sugar - 140gm (4.9oz)
kuzu (kudzu starch) - 120gm (4.2oz)
koshian (sweet bean paste) - 170gr (6oz)

1. Dissolve kuzu in the water and strain.
2. Mix in the sugar.
3. Put in pan and cook over low/med heat while stirring with a wooden spoon.
4. When mixture becomes 1/2 cooked add bean paste (white or red).
5. Stir with wooden spoon until blended and transparent.
6. Turn heat to low.
7. Spoon some kuzu into a square of plastic wrap.
8. Gather plastic wrap, twist and tie with a twistie, string or elastic.
9. Place in bowl of cold water with ice cubes.

Sweets can be made night before and left in bowl of water but do not refrigerate.
Unwrap before serving.


1. Kuzu can be tinted if using white bean paste.
2. When kuzu is placed on plastic wrap fruit can be added before twisting.

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