The 2023 June UMAA Reunion in Kyoto: A Personal Report

Day One―Morning (Lecture by Oiemoto, and Viewing of Chado Research Center Exhibition)

Those who are celebrating are the ones who should be taking action

The above phrase (my translation) was only one among the many that Sen Sōshitsu, Zabōsai Oiemoto, offered during the lecture he gave to the participants of the event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Urasenke Midorikai program. 

Although his lecture illustrated not only the nature of tea, but also the opposing yet complementary aspects of Japanese culture, what I took as his main point was that we as graduates of Midorikai cannot forget that we were given this rare and privileged opportunity in order to support Oiemoto and the Urasenke organization beyond the borders of Japan. 

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