Online Speaker Series

The Urasenke Midorikai Alumni Association (UMAA), as part of its continuing activities to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Midorikai in 1970, is sponsoring an online speaker series. The online speaker series follows the tremendously successful online Midorikai Alumni OneWorld Chakai that took place in May 2020 to celebrate the anniversary.

We are pleased to announce the second lecture in our series, “Rikyū Koji: First Generation of the Urasenke Tradition of Chanoyu” with Christy Bartlett Sōei. The series was inaugurated by our special program with Mrs. Akiko Somei Mori, who spoke of her personal experience with the creation and development of Midorikai.

Mrs. Mori’s lecture may be accessed free of charge. All subsequent programs are free for members and US$20 for non-members; prices are per lecture. Please note that future fee changes may occur. Those of you who have not yet become registered UMAA members, we encourage you to join now; annual dues are US$25. Non Midorikai students are encouraged to join as friends of UMAA.

Click to purchase tickets for “Rikyū Koji” with Christy Bartlett Sōei.